People-powered digital product services

Technical expertise and design proficiency are foundational to every Township service. It's our consideration and care for all the people building the technology solutions that truly makes our services meaningful.

Our team joins your mission to discern a technical path forward and create captivating designs to achieve your goals.

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Township’s rare and additive approach to start with the strategy, spec, and design work up front before writing a line of code not only saves budget, resources, and time, but also helps bring different teams and constituents along with you as you create something new.

Shea Tate-Di Donna

Author, The Venture Fund Blueprint; Founding Team Emeritus, True Ventures

Product + Technology Strategy

We’ve pulled apart problems and architected plans, leading to the launch of dozens of technical products. From ensuring stable mobile data transfer to the cloud on an unreliable network, to site implementation with user behavior analytics—we’ve done it. Our approach draws on these diverse experiences to uniquely address your challenges.


Product Design

You can’t design something you don’t understand. After we’ve learned all we can about your product, our design process draws out the tangible and attainable from the abstract and complex. We build on our knowledge of your customer continuously, keeping our process flexible enough to meet their needs and your goals.


Product Development

Engineering and design go hand-in-hand to develop great products. Our engineers are skilled craftspeople with profound knowledge of specific languages and tooling such as Elixir, Phoenix, React Native, NextJS, and Javascript.


Brand Identity + Materials

The products customers love are powered by sharp brand identities. We survey the competitive landscape to design precise visual brand systems, from logos to style guides to motion graphics. Our process refines your brand, revealing its most impactful form.