We’re a team of designers and engineers

We’re a collaborative group of designers and engineers whose diverse strengths help push boundaries. In a lot of ways, we’re each others’ greatest resources.

Caleb Oller

Caleb co-founded Township (then called Motel) in 2014. He’s been fascinated by code from an early age and loves manifesting ideas into creative products. He also loves working with people who remind him that he’s got a lot more to learn. When he’s offline you can find him outside, probably teaching his dogs to fly fish.

Matt McInerney

Matt approaches every project with the goal of delivering elegant and deliberate design. He’s at his best in the middle of a puzzle that he needs to design his way out of. An alum of Pentagram, Matt is now part of the Township leadership and has his hands in every project. You can also hear him ramble on a podcast every now and then.

Megan Coyle

In so many ways, Megan keeps Township afloat. She makes our fully remote agency feel as if it’s operating under one roof by constantly improving internal systems and maintaining a culture that reflects company values. She ensures that the Township team feels supported in every way and her targeted zingers keep us grounded.

Scott Taylor

Scott is a skilled software architect and the lead developer at Township. He’s helped build a culture around engineering—an industry where there’s plenty of space to grow. To him, working remotely means a commitment to clarity and communication. It also means a commitment to building custom emojis that fully capture our facial expressions (flattering or otherwise).

Lydia Koller

Lydia takes “working remotely” to the next level — previously a DC resident, she’s spent most of the year traveling the country working (and, ok, maybe a lot of hiking) on the road with her husband and furry copilots 😸 🐶. She has the same adventurous spirit when it comes to engineering—always eager to learn more languages and frameworks, and always wondering how she can push her work further.

Samina Khan

Samina is an engineer with a knack for writing polished backend code. During testing she loves diving into edge cases and piecing together any errors or inconsistencies—because what goes wrong is often just as telling as what goes right. Occasionally she also dives into alternate realities on Steam, but always comes back to feed her cats Shay and Little Bear.

Billy Challenger

Billy quickly discovered that he enjoyed the puzzling nature of writing quality code while searching for a career that would give him the freedom and flexibility he desires. Usually architecting a few different solutions each problem, he loves the process of deciding which approach will be best given the task at hand. Based in Wyoming, but often following the good weather, Billy can be found hustling out of the house to go rock climbing as soon as the workday is over.

Baxter Estes

Baxter has an appreciation for all facets of design - from user interface design to creating vibrant illustrations. With a background in interior design and architecture, Baxter has been on a journey from the physical design world to the digital and is loving every step of the adventure! When not designing at Township, Baxter can be found visiting the historic movie palaces of Los Angeles, thrifting antique furniture, and sinking hours into his Nintendo Switch.

Reid Fuhrman

With a background in computer science and web development, Reid brings to Township a passion for problem solving and a love for assembling moving parts into beautiful seamless experiences. A lover of many things, maybe too many things, Reid can be found listening to music, enjoying a pour-over coffee, reading a new book, cooking a new recipe in his wok, practicing guitar, and If all else fails, you can guarantee to find him checking out a new restaurant in Philly.

Natasha Johnson

Natasha is an Engineer who loves all things front end, but also has a never-ending curiosity to try new things. After a decade-long career in Corrections, Natasha rekindled a “dream deferred” which ultimately led her to Township. When not at her desk she enjoys working out in her home gym, playing Tetris on her Super Nintendo, discovering new music and painting.

Kenna Hynes

A self-described generalist, Kenna’s path took many twists and turns—from filmmaking to music and tour managing to machine embroidery operator to remote office work in the nanny industry—but she arrived with a well-rounded palate of skills to bring to Township’s operations team. As a film director Kenna not only loves making and collaborating, she’s also fluent in managing projects, boiling down big ideas into bite-sized pieces, and working with multi-faceted teams across various disciplines - not to mention she’s poised to make a Township music video at any given moment. Kenna also loves putting her favorite sitcoms on rotation, rock climbing, or drinking brews at the neighborhood pub.

Samantha Monarch

With a background in art history and museum design, Samantha comes to Township with an empathetic eye for the visitor and user experience, and loves to discuss and debate the “why” of the matter. While image making is her comfort-zone, her insatiable curiosity finds her mixing media, and exploring all facets of art and design to collect new tools and skills. A natural-born aesthete (read: not athlete), Samantha finds beauty in the small and mundane– which is probably why she can always be found with a couple of stones she’s collected in her bag or pocket.

Kyle Hynes

Kyle’s career path has been an adventurous one! From cooking in high end kitchens to working on sound for film and television, his experience in various industries has fostered a passion for team collaboration, technology, and integrity. As Township’s project manager, when not hunting down technical details or snuffing out blockers he can be found spending time outside or attempting to get his kids to pick up after themselves.

Angela Sheppard

Angela is an engineer who is chronically curious, and truly enjoys helping others noodle through problems while learning as much as possible along the way herself. A coastal NC resident, she spends as much time as possible at the beach or running around outside (with lots of sunscreen). She loves relaxing at home with her husband & fur family. You can also find Angela gaming, exploring new foodtrucks & taprooms around town, trick training with her dog, or staring at birds.

Jared Slyter

On any given day, you can probably find Jared listening to a video game soundtrack, drinking an iced americano, and working through some form of brand strategy as a Township designer. Jared’s a Boise native, an avid reader, and loves to spend time with his wife Amanda, and daughter Juni. Designing and solving for human problems is what Jared gets fired up about. He uses illustration, brand strategy, and product design to overcome the challenge facing most clients; how to tell their story well. When not designing, Jared might also be playing Switch, designing his own indie video game, or getting outdoors for a hike in the foothills.

Kristina Stefanelli

Kristina is an engineer who loves the creative problem solving aspect of programming and thrives off of working with a team. She is thrilled to be part of the passionate group of designers and engineers that make up Township. When not programming, you will find Kristina outside riding her bicycle. From casual gravel riding to fixed gear racing, she loves it all.

Perry von Rosenvinge

A software developer by trade and artist by nature, Perry is easily engaged by problem-solving, adventure, and a healthy dose of curiosity. When not coding, he can usually be found shooting photos, sometimes writing music, and always looking forward to the next good meal. Perry revels in the little things in life — a good loaf of fresh sourdough bread, television on Sundays on the sofa, and conversing with passionate people.