A Rhode Island product agency, at your service...
Published March 17, 2023

A Rhode Island product agency, at your service...

Township’s roots were planted when we became a Rhode Island product agency in 2014. Since then, our team has blossomed and expanded across the country. But, much like the small town feel of our namesake, we keep our Ocean State pride intact. 

Our New England clients recognize the time our team takes to jump in alongside their business and the results show in the form of long-term relationships.

Rhode Island’s own Feast & Fettle was an early and long-term partner. Over five years of continuous collaboration, we worked with Feast & Fettle to maximize results with their low-code platform before transitioning them to a powerful, fully custom web app designed and built in close collaboration with their in-house team.

Partnered understanding leads our process.

No matter the industry, we become experts in your product, unpacking its intricacies into manageable tasks. Researching best practices and understanding your existing vision allows us to clarify ideas so we can activate them. 

Our product designers and engineers get excited by “complex.” We’ll guide you to define your most pressing product needs. From developing user flows to naming and prioritizing vital features, we'll help you refocus and reach your goals. When you work with Township, daunting roadmaps become tangible, and we design the experiences before your eyes. 

Turning product challenges into opportunities.

Growing our business as a Rhode Island product agency early on means we understand many of the unique challenges businesses face here. And yet, we know each business is unique.

That's why we started our work by embedding alongside you to understand your unique situation. We uncover pain points and actively challenge assumptions to align on basic user needs and functionality.

Next, we prototype using proven design patterns and bespoke visual treatments, designing alongside you as well. The result: an elegant prototype and roadmap for an easy-to-use product with deep consideration for both user experience and your company's goals. 

Then, our engineering team works with our design team to ensure a well-designed and technically-sound build. We’ve gathered a team with deep knowledge in specific languages (talk to us about Elixir/Phoenix or React) and tooling to be applied across a broad set of products and technologies. 

Some of our clients in Rhode Island

The Township Difference

We know you could choose from a variety of Rhode Island partners. Our goal is to gain the trust that sits us across the table (or Zoom) from you for the long haul. And we’ll put in the effort to prove that’s the case. How?

  • Your goals are our goals. We’re partners that care for you and your customers. Our clients commonly cite our compassion and attention to detail when building a product with Township.

  • Detailed features, big picture cohesion. We help you resist big picture overwhelm. We focus in by breaking the work into achievable pieces and constructing personalized product roadmaps.

  • Making ideas tangible. It’s one thing to tell you our ideas, it’s another thing to show them. We develop interactive prototypes—sometimes even in code—so all stakeholders can rally around something real. 

  • Designing for the technical long-haul. Whether working with our own engineers or plugging our design team in with yours, we’re well-versed in collaborating directly on product builds. We work in sprints mirroring engineering, so the design integrates feedback in real time to ensure every product's durability.

Let us show you…

While we’re proud to share how our work has a cultural alignment to the Ocean State, we’d rather show you. Drop us a line and we’ll meet you for a coffee. Our preference is PVDonuts (a beloved client, of course). We hope to connect soon.

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