We’re on a mission to build the world we want to be part of.

We created Township to prove that a positive impact on our people’s lives and quality technology design can coexist in a two-way relationship. We extend this belief to our client partnerships, the products we develop for customers, and the communities our work impacts.


All of our Township values are centered on empowering people to find their highest potential.

Our Values

Life-Work Harmony

We see everyone we work with as whole people who live full lives. We strive to maintain functional benefits and emotional security at work to fuel a life that can thrive outside of work.


Supportive Growth

There are few things we love more than seeing each other flourish. We provide our employees and client partners with the foundation and means to grow together.


Healthy Longevity

Our purpose is to build for the long-term by fostering an ongoing sense of stability. We adapt to the environment around us so we can sustain the lives of the teams who are working on the products of the future.


Transparency Always

We opt for transparency at every level, whenever possible. It’s one of the most powerful tools available to us when striving for equity. We keep things transparent because we stand behind our decisions.