For more than 25 years, Velociti has provided supply chain management teams with steadfast and reliable technology solutions. And with each year, their offerings have expanded, bringing new technology and expertise to a growing list of industries.

Having worked with Township in the past, Senior Marketing Director Megan Blevins called on us again in her new role at Velociti. Our original engagement: A rework their existing logo and a build out a supporting style guide to keep Velociti’s brand consistent. After we showed what we were capable of with strategy, guidance, and results they could see, we scaled our work up for a full identity process and rebrand.

In Velociti’s evolution, their existing visual identity hadn’t quite caught up to who they were becoming. We worked with Velociti to create a strategic visual identity and website that showcased both their expertise and breadth of technologically advanced services.


The Challenge

Velociti was still perceived as “installers” of supply chain management. While not inaccurate to their origins, their brand didn’t capture what made them special. Over the years, they have expanded their services to include comprehensive technology planning and build-outs, encompassing everything from custom RFID system implementation and private 5G network deployment to solar panel design for more efficient fleets, offering virtually everything a company might need to enhance their connected processes. To keep steady growth, this perception change in their business meant shedding the old visual identity and stepping into a modern Velociti.

We dove in alongside Velociti to pull the pieces together and make their visual brand smart, clean, and dynamic in order to:

  1. Illustrate expertise and complex problem-solving capabilities
  2. Step out and define a new space different from their competitors
  3. Allow for company growth and further evolution
first velociti


Custom enterprise challenges require comprehensive technology solutions.

Velociti delivers comprehensive technology solutions aligned to the custom challenges their enterprise customers face. The opportunity was to marry their heritage with the reality of their forward thinking brand to match Velociti’s visual experience to who they are today.

Both of our teams deeply value innovation. With two teams focused on the future, we pioneered together, successfully delivering a visual identity package that felt fresh and allowed for scalable growth. With a relationship built on mutual trust, Megan championed Township’s work over the course of the project. She recognized the above-and-beyond nature of Township’s communication cadence along with the ability to sift through and prioritize the opinions and feedback that mattered most. When timelines became short and large-scale feedback came, Township grounded in deep existing knowledge of the project goals to swiftly focus and deliver.


The goal of our initial scope of work was to bring the Velociti brand up to speed and to match the pace of their scaling business and aspirations, giving their customers a modernized 360-degree view of their technology design and deployment expertise.

We handled the visual side, including competitive research, clearing the way for the new website build. During the design process, our competitive research helped us avoid too-close-for-comfort color palettes, but kept us visually attuned to Velociti’s market. We used mood boards as a way to quickly align on aspirational brand feel with active feedback from Megan. By providing visual explorations and illustrative applications of design options, we helped guide Megan’s team to a confident choice that met their brand goals.

Services Provided

Competitive Research

Visual Identity

Marketing Materials

Website Design

Website Development

Product Design

Project Team

Engineering Lead: Scott Taylor

Design: Matt McInerney, Samantha Monarch, Jared Slyter, Abby Hall


Meanwhile, Megan and her team created a clean and direct content strategy. We polished presentations to stakeholders together, and Megan determined the best cadence to unveil new designs for approval to keep leadership updated and avoid rebrand decision burnout.

This side-by-side visual identity development paid dividends when it came time to bring the brand to life through the custom marketing website Township built. The new style guidelines for color, photography and a custom font became the building blocks to communicate the category-defining expansion of Velociti’s services. The connected nature of their transformative technology was delivered through movement and pointed use of visual elements both designed and engineered by Township.

second velociti

"We wouldn’t be who we are today, from a design and branding standpoint, without Township. Gone are the days when prospects would say, "What exactly do you do?" Together, we took an established company with a muddled image, and gave them a modern look that tells a story about who we are, what we do and why we matter to our customers.

Our website is laid out poetically, taking complex ideas and making them digestible, and most importantly – forms that convert into business!"

– Megan Blevins, Velociti Sr. Director, Strategic Accounts (former Sr. Director, Marketing)


Through our parallel ownership of the project, Township crafted a fully-fledged brand identity using a sharp style guide that informed a highly functional website and marketing collateral to match. We paired up to create an identity that would stick: something modern, yet flexible, that could speak to any market Velociti set its sights on. Similarly, Velociti’s website was built for scalability and speed, using NextJS and Contentful in its design and integrating with their existing Salesforce system.
On the whole, Township’s created a sustainable brand identity that functionally integrates with a dynamic martech stack. These efforts paired with Velociti’s future-thinking approach to technology, carried both teams to a successful project completion—and continued collaboration.
Township was able to provide the same level of reliability and soundness that Velociti promises to its own clients. The full brand identity process and new website we built for Velociti will usher them into their next stage of growth—smarter than ever before.

Keeping the pace

As a business, Township loves working with established clients who want to renovate their brand system to match the aspirations of their products and services. Clients willing to explore new ways to solve challenges are our favorite, especially if we get to design and build from the ground up. Creating a seamless brand identity is magic when we can stay on to express it technically through marketing and, if we're lucky, products. Our project with Velociti hit all the high points for us.
While Velociti continues to grow and add services, we’ve stayed on to consult on design and technology choices in their marketing and internal products. We’ve also applied UI to their internal web and desktop apps, all while Velociti’s team keeps its momentum, selling to larger customers seeking expertly crafted technology plans.